Mamita Hot Sauce - TO GO (*Panama Only*)

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Close your eyes and feel it. This is what is hidden behind my sauce:

¿Which is it's flavor, how spicy it is?

The flavor of our sauce is exotic, Caribbean and spicy. Its traditional flavor gives a homemade touch to your meals thanks to its natural and healthy ingredients.

Our spicy level is 2 out of 5. 

¿What is the texture like?

The liquid sauces are not appetizing to the eye, that's why Mamita is a sauce with a lot of body, strength and consistency. With so much force that it attaches to the glass so that you can throw the right amount on your plate without spilling a drop of more.

¿How to use?

Enjoy it in any recipe, with your favorite dishes, without compromising the taste of the food. Perfect for chicken, beef, fish, seafood, pasta, rice. etc. Add a few drops to your liking and measure the spice intensity you want to feel in your mouth 

¿How do you maintain it?

We only use vinegar to maintain it fresh in your fridge. Created with 100% natural ingredients, without artificial colors or preservatives

¿Where does it come from?

Our Caribbean roots will make you know the explosion of flavor the Caribbean has, through our blend of habanero peppers and turmeric as main ingredients, as well as some spices, all free of artificial preservatives. Turmeric is considered a superfood that acts as a powerful antioxidant and habanero pepper is the only pepper that do not irritate your stomach

¿Who is this sauce for?

This sauce is for anyone who wants to add vitality to their meals and enjoy spiciness without sweltering. Wherever you are, whatever you do, let nothing stop you from revolutionizing your meals with a daring, balanced and homemade sauce.