Boost the flavor of your meals with a homemade, rebel and Caribbean sauce that also takes care of your health.

Mamita adapts to any recipe without nullifying the taste of food.

Mamita Hot Sauce

¡Yes! I want MAMITA

¿Do you know the effect of an authentic Caribbean sauce?. Press PLAY and feel it.

Mamita Hot Sauce is a sauce with feeling. It was born from my mother’s love and today we bring years of tradition to your table.

I’m Gwendolyn Stephenson an entrepreneur mom, wife, in love with my three children and natural cooking.

Having kids of different ages turns you into an all terrain woman, creative and active.  That is why I decided to combine maternity with my interest as a cook, and this is how the idea of creating my own business was born.

My mission is to deliver the exquisiteness of my mother’s sauce to your homes, and pass on my delicious and healthy eating style to my kids and the world.

That is my contribution towards a more bio and ecofriendly world.  Everything that is good in life comes from love.

I love Mamita Hot Sauce becasuse of the flavor and benefits of its ingredients. ¡It's nice that you're eating healthy and yummy at the same time,! the taste is incomparable. I eat it with meat and fish. I recommend it because the habanero pepper is the least irritating and the benefits of turmeric are countless.

Miguel Flores, Mexico City , @maft07

It's spicy but I can't stop eating it. I love putting it to the rice with chicken.

Adrian Perez, Los Angeles California, @adrian.stylist.mua

The best accompaniment for your meals especially homemade. The flavor that remains on your palate can not be described, simply delicious.


Dennett Rivera, Panama City, @soy_nomad

Original Recipe - 100% artisan

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