About me

From the heart I tell you that eating is one of the most incredible pleasures that life gives us.




Don't you keep in your memory unique moments around a table and a tasty dish?

I remember happily playing with my mother. I remebered excited waiting for my boat Captain, my dad!

I remember blissfully enjoying great feasts with the family, eating fish pinch to pinch big and small snacks, all always by the sea.

This flavors and moments of my childhood are those that are inside this spicy glass jar. 

Created in honor of my teacher, the cooker of my life and my heart, my mom. 

She is not the wife, the mother or grandmother, she is the Mamita of the whole family.

One day, after sharing cooking and curiosity with mother she decided to teach me the recipe of that ¨orange thing¨.

It was always in our fridge and my dad put it on al his dishes with such joy, i wondered what is was until i tried it and fell in love with it taste. 

Today liters of sauce are prepared  to share with the world.



Mamita Hot Sauce fanned the Panama Canal ...


The secret recipe with a lot of tradition that fanned the Panama Canal

Many year ago the women of the time added it to their dishes to give joy and strenght to the men that worked building the Panama Canal. that´s how this sauce was born, like me, in a exotic land with 35 degrees.

A unique part of our planet where races and culture are always together and have turned every moment around a table into a real gift.

There in my land, we love good and tasty food.


I cook, dance and share my lifestyle with the wold.


Doing so many things that you don´t know how to call yourself is incredible, for me it means ¡Feeling very alive!

I am Gwendolyn a passionate entrepeneur, mom and wife.

Loving and creative at home, with my family, loved ones, and in my businesses.

I encourage people stressed with their routine to color their dishes with recipes full of a warm, traditional and spicy flavor, helping them to disconnect and to put a tasty and familiar moment in their day to day.

Mamita Hot Sauce achieve this thanks to habanero, turmeric and ingredients you find in your kitchen not in a lab. 

Just a few drops to take to flavor town!

I have been my own boss for more than 5 years, and i have created a healthy movement through my social networks

I with love to be even more surrounded by people who want to improve their lifestyle, without depriving themselves of the pleasures of food.

You can find me on IG as @gwendolyn_stephenson



Grow, find inspiration and share

When someone ask me about my dreams, now that my energy is focus on my 3 childrens and husband, i have my horizon clear: I dream of seeing my family well, my mind calm and everything flowing.

After a University Diploma in Tourism, i dedicated myself to the television and modeling world for more tan 10 years, then i had other aspirations.

But i still have my essence. Traveling, adventure and fashion keep strirring my passions. This time, from a more sustainable life perspective.

And guess what music makes me beat. That´s it ¡Salsa!.

I love moving my hips with my daughter in the living room. 

Do you dance?





¿Do you want to know what´s hidden behind my sauce? 

Close your eyes and feel it. When the tingling enters your mouth and conquers your stomach you will remember my words.